01/18/2016 Preparation of the series "Clones et Mutants" at the Studio Bordas, 2015

11/09/2014 "Miscellanées numériques", screenings, at la Scam (Paris), Fébruary 13, 2014

11/23/2012 Stealth Driver

On-line installation in a moving car covered with webcams in which one of the passagers mixes live the landscape with computer generated videos.

10/16/2012 Eight Miles Height

Time Lapse flying over Siberia

10/16/2012 N+1 - Performance by Stéphane Trois Carrés at La Force de l'Art 02

In collaboration with Bernard Maltaverne. The project n+1 is an experimental work which is realized by the means of shooting sessions that accumulate recursively in the scene that has just been shot. This project prefigures the idea of a meta-fiction, i.e. of a narrative in a narrative.

10/10/2012 N+1 Performance - Stéphane Trois Carrés

09/13/2012 A Sequence of Observation That Is Too Intense

Experimental set of different observations.